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Mouse Sensitivity

A sensitivity calculator will help to determine the right amount of sensitivity according to your needs. Using this calculator, you can convert sensitivity from a game to another game in no time.

Mouse Sensitivity Converter [Tool]

First thing first, you need to input your game that you are converting from. There are over 20 shooting games to choose from. I am sure that your beloved game might be in it as well.

Once this is done, you need to enter the sensitivity value of your previously selected game. You can find this value by going under the game configuration file. After that, you can enter your mouse DPI, it’s an optional thing to add.

Lastly, simply select the game you want your mouse sensitivity to convert at. You will get a new sensitivity in Inch and Centimeters 360 degrees.



It takes us quite a lot of time to build up a habit of playing a certain game, such as for shooting, running, or to learn all the mouse movements of that specific game.

Mouse sensitivity calculator is not only able the mouse movement, but it has to do with how does it feels to move the mouse, what is it like to play the game, how are the driver’s of the game, how is the operating system of the game, how is the grip of the mouse when you try to move the mouse from one place to another.

Many players face issues when they download a new game since it takes time to create a particular space in your mind to get used to the setup of the game. With the help of it, you can pretend all of your hard work to not go to waste. It is a durable converter.

You don’t have to leave or change your hand movement, handgrip, or anything like that for a new game when you can use the sensitivity converter.

Multiple games:
 The calculator supports a lot of games, you can choose any of the games to convert the sensitivity back and between these games. 

What is Mouse Sensitivity

It is the speed of the pointer of your mouse. It is how fast and how quickly your mouse moves when you try to move it. Someone might ask what the accurate amount of sensitivity is.

To be honest, there is not any accuracy about sensitivity. It is all about personal preferences. You can increase or decrease the sensitivity based on your preferences. Have it however you like it to be.

Some people prefer it faster, while others like it slower. Faster sensitivity of mouse will help you get your work done quickly, but for some people, it might be hard to control so again have it according to your wants and needs. Having it according to your wants and needs will eliminate any kind of issues such as being less precise.

We know that each game requires a different sensitivity or mouse movement. There is a specific value of the sensitivity of each game. This sensitivity determines how fast or how slow your mouse will move in the game.

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Can I have the same sensitivity to every shooting game?
The answer to this question is yes; you can have the same sensitivity on every shooting game. In fact, most of the players like to keep the sensitivity the same for all the played games since it helps them to be more consistent.
Which games are included in this mouse sensitivity calculator or convertor?
There are over 20 famous shooting games included in this converter. You can select any of your favorite or desired shooting game from the list and get going.