Enter Counter & Clicker Online With & Without Timer Option

The free online enter counter can be used to play a game where you must try to make the highest tapping score by pressing the Enter key.
The tool is very simple. All you have to do is press Enter key as many times as possible within a given time frame. Once the time elapses, the tool will calculate and display your score at the bar down there.

    Without Timer
    With Timer
Press Enter To Start

The higher your score, the better. You can share your results with other users on social media platforms, especially TikTok and Instagram.
Let’s have a thorough look at the tool that how does it work, and what it gets:

What is an enter counter speed test tool?

As told earlier, it just counts the hits of the enter key, just like the spacebar counter tool.

Believe it or not, this tool will take only 4 seconds to understand once you land on the page, on a first glimpse that how it is used. But sometimes, for the user’s convenience, software developers have to explain things without leaving any corner.

However, on the simple side, all you have to do is just pressing the enter key or setting a time to create a challenge.

How does it work?

As soon as the tool greets you, the only targeted sight for you for the first time you land on the page is a long enter bar down there, which is the main area to hit. For testing, you can press your enter button to check how it counts the clicks.

Step 1:

The tool has two features named ‘with timer’ and ‘without timer.’ A ‘without timer’ feature allows you to play freely, just to get wild in pressing the key as many times as you see the number appears on the bar.

On the other hand, if you want to measure your clicking ability within a specific time, say 50, 60 seconds, or so, you can type in the time in seconds.

Step 2:

The time-field will appear when you click on the ‘with timer’ option. After setting the time, you won’t be able to start hitting the enter button. Make sure you click anywhere on the page to get out of the ‘time-field’ (you’ll know this while you see the cursor blinking in the time-field).

Start hitting the enter button as fast as you can to make the highest score within the given time.

Step 3:

Once the time is over, the counter will stop on its own. This means you will see the results right on the bar, the number of hits you made.

For example, an average joe can press it 30 times in 5 seconds.

enter counter with timer

Step 4:

So, what’s next after measuring the results? If you are high in your instincts, you must try again and this time target the highest number of clicking in fewer seconds. If you are ready to accept the next challenge, press ‘reset’ to start the new test.

Five Reasons To Use This Tool

Let’s have a lowdown on the reason that why this tool is different from its similar counterparts:

  • Accuracy: There are many speed-test tools present to check your tapping speed on a keyboard, but you don’t have any accurate and bona fide ones that can count the number of the enter key pressed in a given time. While using this tool, you can find out how many times you have pressed a button and can set your own time duration within which you need to perform that action. The best thing to do is compare the accuracy of results with other so-called speed test tools online.
  • Break-free: Another factor that is worth considering is that this tool amazingly remains fast-track and brisk while hitting the key multiple times with super pace.
  • No sign ups: Another reason for using the tool is you don’t have to sign up or register. In other words, no need to add in your details. You can use the tool as fast as possible once the page loads down on your screen.
  • Responsiveness: The best thing we ever have is its responsiveness on mobile devices. The tool comes with a mobile-friendly hallmark, which helps you use it if you are going to share your counts on social media platforms or TikTok.
  • No time limits: You can set the time as much as you can keep on hitting the key. As it is not possible to stay long on hitting but even then, we took great care for the capacity so it could go beyond the limits, if you want to.


How to increase the enter clicking speed?
Be patient. It might be a little. All it takes is practice. Before signing in for any challenge, you better achieve your best. Set yourself achieving 5 hits in one second. Gradually increase the clicks without increasing the time.
How to press the button faster?
Well, it all depends on the type of keyboard you are using. If the button is small, you may not be able to hit it as many times as you want. Try to get the keyboard with a slightly big button. A big button will allow you to hit it with the index fingers of both of your hands.

The best way to hit faster is to press it with your right hand’s index finger. Make the second hit with your left hand’s index finger. Hitting it with both fingers (one after another) will feel like you are running on the key with both hands’ index fingers. That’s the best way to improve the speed.

How to fix a stuck enter key?
Before you access any hardware, make sure you turn the system off to avoid any mishap. Use the air to gently blow the dirt particles or any grime around the key. Blow the dirt under the key gently to make sure you will not be damaging anything during cleaning. If blowing is not working, use the brush to clean it gently and then try pressing. Try the key again. If there is still a stuck-feel in pressing, repeat the process.