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A mouse click speed test tool refers to calculating the mouse clicks in a particular time limit like the spacebar counter tool which we are providing. In an average time of 60 seconds or even more, a CST tool helps you to check the ability of how faster do you click and make the highest score in the given time.

What is CPS rate? The click speed is checked in this test which is known as CPS (click per second) rate. The success or loss depends on the speed of the hits.

This tools is about calculating the mouse single click in a specific time limit (double click counter is also available in case if you want to count double clicks). It helps you to check the ability, how fast you can click, and earn the score in the given time. In case if tool counter is not working, take a mouse test to check the mouse buttons.

How to Use

Using testing tool is quite simple. All you need to do is to open the tool and enter your preferred time in seconds timeframe. Once you added the time, spam your mouse click as much as you can. Just start the test by clicking anywhere in the click-frame. Once your set time is elapsed, the results will be shown in the number of hits in your preferred time (seconds and milliseconds).

 Let’s have a look at how can you make the most of this tool with the following simple steps. 

Step 1: Select time OR type in your preferred seconds in “Enter Time In Seconds”.

Step 2: Now time to bring your A-game in speeding up your clicking ability. Click anywhere in “Click to Start” field.

Step 3: Once you start clicking, the number of clicks will start appearing. (see the image below)

Step 4: Although the result is shown with a click per second (CPS) score, it is a magnitude of your clicks to a time unit. What this means is, the higher the speed of clicks per second, the higher the score. When your time runs out, you will be appreciated by the tool like this: see the image below.

Step 5: If you are not satisfied with your results, you can try again by clicking on the “Reset button” down there.

click speed test tool

Features of the Click Speed Test Tool

As it is secure than any third-party application, the tool has the same user-friendly interface on mobile and web. There are multiple timeframe variations, e.g. 1 second to 60 seconds or even more.

There are so many kinds of computer mouse problems which require some knowledge about computers. It is no rocket science behind the technology of a computer mouse. All you have to know is the basic connections between the computer system and the mouse. To further clarify your concerns about the mouse clicking speed, let’s feast on the following frequently asked questions and get the right answers.


Who set the highest CPS rate record?
With his dexterity and mastery in hitting the clicks with highest CPS rate, a Las Vegas’ master of clicks, Dylan Allred holds the world record of clicking 1051 times in just 10 seconds.
How fast can I click in 10 seconds?
An average joe can click 14.2 times per second.

Practice makes the man perfect, so challenge yourself to beat this rate in tool.

Can I make my mouse click faster?
Yes, you can! All you have to do is keep your finger on your mouse or between the clicks.

While clicking, do not take your finger far away from the button for the next clicks. Keep your fingertip connected with the button while clicking.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is to try to click lightly. Make sure you are not putting too much pressure on the button. When you put a force on it, the mouse may slide out of position that can affect your CPS score badly.

Are there any general techniques to improve clicks per second?
To improve your CPS rate, rupture yourself with the following techniques:

  • Rather than using a laptop trackpad, use the best gaming mouse to improve the CPS.
  • Make a start on clicking techniques such as jitter or butterfly clicking.
  • To fine-tune your mouse, adjust the sensitivity of it from the settings to click faster.
  • Click Speed Test is the best way to strike while the iron is hot.
  • Practice on this tool time and again.
Other than my clicking ability, how can I make the most of my mouse?
Sometimes the mouse does not get detected. At such periods, you have to make sure that the wire that is connecting the system with the mouse is in good condition. The other thing which you should check is the port. If the port is not in good condition with its metal part being disrupted or distorted, then the computer system won’t detect your mouse.
Can a new mouse improve my CPS rate?
The other frequently arising problem with the mouse is that at times the double click would not work. For that, you have to detect the source of the problem. Whether the system is at fault or the mouse itself is at fault. For that, try a new mouse and check whether the system is responding to the newer mouse. If yes, then you should repair the old mouse. If the fault is with the system, then there are chances for the software to miss some files.
After trying all the methods, what is the last resort that can increase the speed rate?
The second most recurring problem is the jumping of the mouse pointer. The mouse pointer may not point at one place instead jumps from place to place. You can get rid of this problem by changing some setting at the BIOS of the system motherboard.

There at the BIOS, you can toggle first in and first out option. There you have the hardware buffer which can help you change the settings. If your mouse sticks to the previous position on the monitor, then it is a matter of bad maintenance. All you have to do is to remove the dirt underneath the mouse.