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If you’re wondering how many times you can hit the spacebar, the spacebar counter tool or spacebar CPS test is exactly what you need. A tool measures your spacebar pressing ability and efficiency of spacebar. Especially this tool gives you electrifying activity in free time. It is similar to click speed testing tool but works with spacebar.

Let’s talk about the features of the tool.

Spacebar Counter Features

Understanding features and functionality of spacebar speed test tool is not a problem, it is quite simple to use.

Two Different options are available in this application, one is without timer and the other is with timer. Both options in tool serve for the purpose according to the user’s choice.

1) Without timer

After coming to the page, you’ll see a huge spacebar on your screen with a counter on it in a highlighted colored dialogue box. Each time you will press spacebar, the counter do increment of one number.

spacebar counter without timer

2) With timer

Check your spacebar pressing speed and CPS with respect to the time displayed. Enter the time, and start hitting spacebar key till the timer stops.

Some suggestions for setting the time are also available like you may set the timer for 1, 5, 10 or 60 seconds which totally depends on you and feel free to choose any of the number because the tool gives the accurate result at even fractions of second as well.


Once your time runs out, the spacebar on your screen will stop getting pressed. The counter displays the number of clicks made within given time. If you want to try it again, press the “Reset” button.

spacebar counter with timer and cps

How to make the most of the tool?

  • Analyze your skills: You don’t know when you need to hit the space bar, but when you feel like you need it, use this counter to figure out how many time have you pressed it.
  • Have fun: This tool will help to identify the winner and entertain you and your friends.
  • Hit the most: Try to win! Hit the bar and see if you can make more clicks than your wimp friends.


What maximum number of times you can click the spacebar?
A sophisticated and experimented tracker works in the backend developed by the experts to count your clicking of the spacebar. In an average, the majority of gaming aficionados press 300 times in 30 seconds to complete the challenge, so can you, but better if you would beat this number.
How to press spacebar faster?
The best technique to press it faster is to press it with one finger halfway down and slightly tap it fast with another finger. With frequent practice, your fingers will be gentle enough with pressing. But make sure you won’t be raising your finger off the spacebar.
How many times I can press spacebar in 60 seconds?
It totally depends on how fast you can hit a spacebar. You can improve your hitting capability if you do practice daily.
How to do spacebar speed test?
Select the option “With Timer (CPS)” which is in above given tool. Add the time in given input field and start hitting the spacebar. Once the time will end you will see your hitting speed.