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If you’re wondering how many times you can hit the spacebar, the spacebar counter tool is exactly what you need. A spacebar tool measures the ability and speed of hitting the spacebar. Especially this tool gives you an action-packed activity if you want to have fun challenge with your friends. It is similar to click speed testing tool but works with spacebar.

Whether you are going to use it for fun with your friends or just for physical recreation, this tool helps you to figure out who gives up on clicking the spacebar or who makes the highest score.

All the fun aside, a spacebar tool can also be used to check the health of your spacebar on your keyboard. If you are a hardcore typist, writer or using this biggest key to jump or crouch in your games, you can make the most from this tool.

Let’s get down to brass tacks that how you can use this tool and what features will it give you for your spacebar-clicking challenges.

Spacebar Counter Features

 Spacebar clicker or spacebar counter is a fun test tool to help you figure out how many times you can press your spacebar on your laptop or computer. The counter will start when you start pressing the bar after you have entered the time. Whether you want to test your spacebar clicking skill with a timer or without a timer, in either way it will be leisure to challenge your friends. 

It takes about a couple of seconds to understand how this tool works. But still, I’ll fleetingly explain how it’s used. Typically, software developers need to explain how things work:

Without timer

After coming to the page, you’ll see a huge, white spacebar on your screen with a counter on it. Each time you press it, the counter starts to count the clicking numbers. If you want to test your clicking ability without a timer, or you have set your own in your computer, just start hitting time and again, but as fast as possible.

With timer

Measure your speed with a timer. You can also give yourself a target with a preferred timer in seconds. Enter the time, take a deep breath and start hitting within the set timeframe.

Once your time runs out, the spacebar on your screen will stop getting pressed. The counter will show you how many clicks you achieved within the set time. If you want to try it again, press the “Reset” button, enter the timer again and start hitting.

In a nutshell, it’s easy to use the Spacebar counter tool!

How to make the most of the tool?

  • Analyze your skills: You don’t know why you need to press the space bar, but when you feel like you need it, use this counter to figure out how many time have you pressed it.
  • Have fun: This tool will help to identify the winner and entertain you and your friends.
  • Hit the most: Try to win! Hit the bar and see if you can make more clicks than your wimp friends.

Whether it’s a second or more, clicking the spacebar is also a skill. Scoring more in less time should be your priority because this tool gives you more accurate results than any other tool.

If this blog is raising questions in your mind, then it would be better for you to read the following FAQs. I have tried hard to make these questions as common as possible.


How many times can you press the spacebar?
A sophisticated tracker works in the backend to count your clicking of the spacebar. In an average, the majority of gaming aficionados press 300 times in 30 seconds to complete the challenge, so can you, but better if you would beat this number.
Who set the world record of pressing spacebar?
To achieve the feat, a man named Luke W. set the record of pressing spacebar 210 times in just 20 seconds. Ming boggling, isn’t it?
Is there any alternative key to spacebar?
If your original spacebar is not fit to win the challenge, you can add right CTRL key as an additional second spacebar. Even you can make as many as you like. You can also use both CTRL keys as spacebar and make the spacebar a CTRL-key.
How to press spacebar faster?
The best technique to press it faster is to press it with one finger halfway down and slightly tap it fast with your another finger. With frequent practice, your fingers will be gentle enough with pressing. But make sure you won’t be raising your finger off the spacebar.  
How many times can I press spacebar in 60 seconds?
As said earlier, normally you can make 300 hits in 60 seconds, but you have to take your challenge optimally and try to make more hits than just that on this amazing tool.
Who set the world record of pressing spacebar in 10 seconds?
It is 145 times in 10 seconds. Andrew A. used Press the Spacebar 2000 game to set this record.
Who set the world record in just 5 seconds?
It’s 58 times that set by Evan H. in just 5 seconds.
How do I press a spacebar?
Generally, most people use the right thumb of their dominant hand for this key. So you may need to get into the practice of using both of your thumbs to click the spacebar. Left-handed people use their left thumb, and the right-handed tend to use the right thumb.
How can I fix my spacebar on my computer?
It’s a bit of technical repair, but I would suggest you let the computer technician do this fix. But if you really want to fix it, then you better separate the spacebar from the metal retainer on the back. If it won’t come off easily, use a flathead screwdriver. After that attach the separated metal retainer to the keyboard again and position the spacebar over the metal retainer and put gentle but a firm force to press the spacebar back into place.