Online Mouse Cursor Speed, Movement & Acceleration Test

If you are a diehard gamer or a computer geek who goes to great lengths in keeping the system the way you like it, you would better off test the speed and acceleration capability of your mouse cursor with an this online tool.

MOV (X-Axis): px
MOV (Y-Axis) : px
MOV : px

Speed : px/s
Speed (Max): px/s

Acceleration : px/s2
Possitive Acc (Max): px/s2
Neg Acc (Max) : px/s2

About Mouse Cursor Speed & Acceleration Tool

To measure the best acceleration of your mouse, you may want to know about all the relevant information that provides accurate speed and acceleration. This is exactly where a Mouse cursor Speed and Acceleration tool comes in handy.

All the work powering this tool has standardized its results regarding how the speed and acceleration of any mouse are defined. It not only is coherent but also provides the complete reading of your mouse movements, no matter how faster would you want to move it, the tool won’t spare even a millisecond.

It doesn’t matter what application or game you’re using; this tool can measure all types of mice’s speed.

The Y-axis refers to the corresponding sensitivity horizontally. In contrast, the X-axis refers to the velocity of the mouse vertically. To get into more depth, let’s check it out how does this tool work.

Here is How it Looks Like

When you move your mouse to test the readings it records, all you have to keep your eyes on is “Max. Speed: px/s”. This denotes a result that shows how faster have you moved your mouse.

The best thing is you can move the mouse in any direction, for instance, if you move the mouse horizontally the “Movement – X: px” shows the measurement”, while moving it vertically “Movement – Y: px” shows up in figures.

Like in fig 1 below, results show up when you move your mouse horizontally. It shows 507 px, while the X-axis has no value. The “Speed:” shows 5070 pixels per second. While fig 2 shows Y-axis 173px when you move the mouse in a vertical direction.

mouse speed test

Wherever you float your mouse, all you have to determine is the win or lose by improving your “Max. Positive Acceleration: px/s2”.  The more the numbers, the better the acceleration of your mouse is.

Positive acceleration: Positive acceleration shows that how farther your cursor travels on your screen while you move it faster.

Negative acceleration: This acceleration demonstrates that your cursor travels at less distance while you move it faster. This refers to the performance or bad input problem of the mouse.

Improve Mouse Acceleration Beyond The Limits

The best way to improve your mouse acceleration is to buy the hi-tech gaming mouse of any popular brand. It all depends on your usage and budget.

It makes no difference how you turn up the settings, your mousepad won’t give you enough space to play around. You don’t want to lose your grip on it while moving upside down or swipe again to drag it out of the mouse pad or unintentionally push the right or left button while forcing the whole body.

With some modest tweaks, you can accelerate your mouse even higher than the control panel allows in windows 10.

Simply navigate to the mouse properties from the control panel. Move the slider all the way to the right side and uncheck the “Enhance pointer precision.”


Why is my mouse giving negative acceleration?
It’s possible that a bad port or a loose connection may trigger issues with your mouse. Make sure your ports are working well. You can plug in your mouse to another port and see if it improves its positive acceleration on the tool.
Is it right to turn mouse acceleration off?
It is all about putting your faith in the nature of the mobility of your mouse. If you want to use it at a set speed, or at the speed you are comfortable with, you will better off disable mouse acceleration. If you are playing a sniper game, a precise movement of aiming would be essential for you and acceleration could create hurdles in shooting accurately in FPS games.