Online APM Test for Mouse (Actions Per Minute Game)

APM test Actions Per Minute, the actions that a player takes in a minute, which can determine their fate in the game and how far they will go. The test determines a person’s actions; the higher the number, the better player he or she is.

Being passionate about the reality of the virtual world of video games has almost transcended into a professional skill. Video game players are no longer just some over-weight anti-social teenager venting out their frustrations on a keyboard. It’s a properly acquired skill that has proper tests and authentic outcomes.

Professional video gamers have APM over 300 on average, which makes them almost untouchable in front of a rookie. This number requires hours upon hours of tireless practice and consistent focus on the game you are focusing on. If you aim at becoming a prominent name in the world of online gaming, evaluate your skills with testing tools.

APM Test Tool

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The tests record how fast you can respond in a game by clicking the mouse buttons. The favorable actions which result in your progress in the game are recorded here. The number of beneficial clicks in a single minute is evaluated with a tool.

The numbers of clicks in the first 90 minutes of the game are not, however, recorded. This is because during the initial minute or so, the game has just begun, and you will have the least number of clicks.

APM is generally calculated by dividing the total number of clicks by the minutes they were clicked in. For example, 150 clicks in a minute will be 150 APM, which is an average score.

APM Mouse

For the tool, the clicks are calculated based on the total number of clicks and effective clicks per minute (EPM). The percentage of these two is calculated by dividing the EPM by APM or the total clicks performed in a minute.

The tests evaluate your responsiveness and alertness in different scenarios and how quickly you would respond to them. If you have a higher number of effective clicks per second, it means that out of total clicks or APM, you were able to hit your target more times than the one with a lower percentage.

This tool helps you determine your APM and how well your APM does in a real game with automated simulations. These simulations come in three different levels: normal, hard, and WTF.


Factors involved in determining your APM:

The factors involved in attaining a good APM and EPM are speed and accuracy. You can improve your speed and accuracy with practice; however, a stern focus and persistence is a must if you truly want to improve your skills.


APM refers to actions per minute; the higher number of actions you can take in a minute, the bigger your APM score will be. There are, however, clicks of actions that aren’t fruitful or beneficial to the game; these are called spam actions. Spamming can help you warm up as the game starts picking up the speed and becomes more challenging.

Sophisticated APM tool can eliminate these spam actions and only count the ones which are done to advance in the game.


Accuracy is a well-coordinated action of your mouse and keyboard. For many, accuracy can only achievable by hours of practice and firm voluntary control. The higher the accuracy, the better will be your aim in the game resulting in lesser missed clicks. Having a higher accuracy also means that you will have a higher APM.

Awesome Facts About Tool

 SatrCraft first coined the concept of APM, and it soon gained rapid popularity, allowing gamers to evaluate their skills independently. After its popularity, many online forums started developing their AMP testing tools to aid the players and agencies in hiring players to test their game. 

The tests are easily accessible online, and there are many types to choose from. Various community tools are available to help gamers observe their progress and assess the rate of Actions per minute for them.

Many games don’t even require you to take a separate test they already have the metrics installed with the game. This made the player more competitive, and they reached new levels within the games to break records.


Some of the most frequently asked questions while evaluating APM or EPM are:

How to access the test?
It is easily accessible online. You need to have a good internet connection and devices like a smartphone, an iPad, a laptop, or a computer with an efficient keyboard. Once you have all this, go online and search for an “APM Test” in the search bar of any browser.

A series of tests will pop up on your screen. Most tools would require you to initiate the test with a start button after which you can start your evaluation.

Will the tool help me in becoming a better player?
A tool is for evaluating your skill level as an online player. It tests the control you have over your keyboard and how well you can manipulate it. A tool tells you where you stand as a player and how far ahead you need to go to become the best, so yes, it might ultimately help in improving your skills.
Can I have a good APM score with high speed only?
You can, and you cannot. A higher speed will guarantee that you will be able to get in more clicks per minute, but now the test tool doesn’t count the spam clicks and, hence, if you don’t have a compatible level of accuracy to match your speed, you might not have a high APM.