The Best Razer Mouse For Gaming 2021 Collection

Razer mouse for gaming provides you all  the possible privileges of controlling, commanding and enjoying one can get through increasing modern technology and digital advancement. Keeping in view the customers’ need, demands, requirements RAZER produces the best kinds of mice for gaming which assure almost every cohort. A wide range of mice varying in color, shape and design is manufactured by RAZER company.

If one searches  for best kind of quality ensured gaming mice then razor can be the perfect choice which can not only fulfil customer demand but also offers affordable value coupled with  great deal of availability including metropolitan outlets as well as online shopping hubs.

Collection of Best Razer Mouse For Gaming

Given below is a list of top 8 gaming mouse tested by the experts and okayed by the majority available today. The list is based on extensive hand-on testing fitting, best with the needs and pockets of the customers including both kinds wired and wireless.

 1) Razer Viper Ultimate HyperSpeed:

The wireless RAZOR VIPER ULTIMATE HYPERSPEED in view of its 8 programmable buttons offers extended striking distance and much more in customization settings along with 50 steps of DPI adjustments  .

Its ambidextrous and its good battery life are the distinguishing  features which  catches attention of all. Cordless efficiency and more conveniently customizable allows this powerful mouse to be fit in each and every hand-size compatible with both righties and lefties as well  and matching almost all grip preferences.

Razer Viper Ultimate HyperSpeed

Highlighted Features
Weight: 73 grams
Color: Major black  with different color logos  available
Type: Wireless
Shape/Size:  Symmetrical/Medium
  • Wireless
  • Good battery timing.
  • Highly adaptable shape
  • Precision compromised a little.
  • Some software updates required.

2)  Razer Basilisk V2

The Razer Basilisk V2  a mouse with adjustable polling rate (125,500 and 100 Hz) and variable DPI (100-20,000 ) and a choice in between 11 buttons packed in a unit makes it unique piece of design.

It is easy of operate and boasts programmable lightening in the logo  featured on  the mouse palm-hold area and the scrolling wheel. Resistance of the wheel is adjustable so the well rounded optical wireless mouse  makes to tackle most of the computer gaming at a high level.

Razer Basilisk V2

Highlighted Points

Shape/Size: Asymmetrical/large
Weight: 91 grams
Type: wired

  • High connectivity and smart tracking.
  • Asymmetric cut off.

3) Razer Viper Mini Ultralight

RAZER VIPER MINI ULTRALIGHT optically wired Gaming mouse visibly in classic black color is of 8500 DPI  optical sensor, most suitable for professionals and true spirited gamers. Faster then traditional mechanical gaming mice offering a figure of 16.8 million for customizable and adjustable options.

Due to its beam based actuation a perfectly precise and accurate shot is held exclusively which matches high to professional players demands.

The independently  and highly adaptive 6 programmable buttons allow free movement  and fine configuration and assignment settings. The RGB customizable chroma under glow is its distinguishing feature. The absolute control due to high resolution and target orientation coupled with drag free cord for performance just like a wireless mouse for gamming  make the RAZER VIPER MINI ULTRALIGHT  one of the best production piece in market owned by razor company and appreciated by the customers.

Razer Viper Mini Ultralight

Highlighted Points
Connectivity type: USB
Hand orientation: Right hand
Color: Classic black ( dual  options)
Movement detection technology: Optical sensor
Product dimension: 4.6*2.42*1.5
Number of programmable buttons : 6
Net weight : 61 grams
  • precise movement
  • no battery needed
  • Ratchet scrolling wheel
  • High piece

4) Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse

Mamba razer gaming mouse which is available in both wired and wireless forms contains 16000 DPI optical sensors. High level sensitivity adjustment options and the customizable chroma RGB color has 16.8 million color combinations.

It comes with better ergonomic design with rubber-sized side grips follows ‘long-time less-fatigue‘ thing. MULTIDAY BATTERY and scroll Wheel with maximum precision value. The  7 programmable buttons for configuration settings increases the value of mamba optical sensor mouse many times.

Highlighted Points
Connectivity: Wired and wireless both.
Hand orientation: Right.
Color: Classic black.
  • Both wired and wireless.
  • Versatile design.
  • Stiff rigid cable.
  • Lacks L/R buttons.

5) Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

Naga trinity gaming mouse is considered to be the mouse equipped with the world’s most advanced 5G optical sensors. It is a masterpiece with a powerful 16000 DPI, making each spell on target and ensuring swift movements. Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse is specially designed to make moves at a pinch  and saves  the nine at high time. This mouse is optimized for superficially high precision and speed. It allows much more customizable options owing to it changeable plates for 2,7 and 12 buttons configuration.

Due to concave shape the side buttons fit very well and you will hardly experience a miss-click as all the buttons stand out very well. The perfect versatile design  meets all  the requirements and comforts a player may need for a successful game. The tactile and audible feedback  keeps you informed of all the happenings and changes that proves to be  very favoring to the player. Surely more the buttons, more you will able to gain hold over the battle.

Highlighted Points
Connectivity mode: wired
Hardware platform: UNIVERSAL (PC)
Hand orientation: right
Backlighting: Multi color
  • Mechanical button grid.
  • Tilt click scroll wheel.
  • Big size.
  • Swappable plates need to be reconnected multiple times for all the buttons to register.

6) Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse.

For decades the Razer company of mice is ruling the field technology of controlling. Another masterpiece comes in the shape of RAZER DEATHADDER ESSENTIAL GAMMING MOUSE which has been in a number of versions since 2008. The perfect and exceptional gaming having proven history of performance is considered one of the most renowned and recognized type of gamming mice in the world.

A multi-award winning deathAdder essential mouse is a 6400 DPI sensor probably the maximum of its kind allowing highly efficient mouse clicks and super actively precise mouse swipes. The major quality is each hyperresponsivity button is independently programmable creating more space for personalized control. Allowing a space for 10,000 mouse clicks is designed with a raised gaming grade tactile scrolling wheel.

A green color light scattering and 1000 ultra-polling surely is compatible with XBOX one and a RAZER SYNAPSE 3 ( BETA)  is enabled coupled with an IPS ( INCHES PER SECOND) of about 220 approximately.

Its sleek and slim body which perfectly fits in hand- causing maximum comfort to the user and giving highest level of performance- giving long the run and a long lasting or everlasting approximately gives excitingly uninterrupted access to almost all trendy games.

Highlighted Points
Color: Classic Black
Type: Wireless (use connectivity)
Hand Orientation: Right
Movement Detection: Optical
RGV Lightening: Single Color Green Light.
Switch Type: Mechanical
Programmable Buttons: 5
Weight: 96 Grams
  • Up to 10 million clicks durability.
  • Good Battery List.
  • Asymmetric cut off.
  • More then 4 software need to be installed and a rebooting computer system in process is very time consuming.
  • Uses significant memory and additional system.

7.   Razer Lancehead TE

Razer lancehead tournament edition (TE) is famous for its distinguishing feature of being one of the fastest sensors of the world. With 9 independently programmable super-responsive buttons and an absolutely true 16000 DPI and tracking at 450 inches per second (IPS).

Its 99.4 % resolution accuracy allows sharp-shooting skilled performance in games and 1000 Hz ultra-polling ensures compatible position mand an inter-device synchronization provides perfect user satisfaction picture. It is also compatible with XBOX ONE for basic inputs.

The durability extended up to 50 million clicks and is equipped with an esports-grade optical sensor. In order to give the user absolute flexibility Razor lancehead tournament edition is powered  by RAZER SYNAPSE 3 (BETA) and the perfect ambidextrous form allowing  clear fitting in both hands gains the trust of the users every-time.

Its advanced 5G optical sensing matches the modern technology and provides highly pin pointing attempts of shots which perfectly satisfies our players. It has a customizable chroma RGB with almost 16.8 million color combination and small tactile bumps increases grip. Available at amazon and highly demanded master piece is best of its kind.

Highlighted Points
Number of USB ports: 2
Model number: Number RZ01-02130200-R3M1 Hardware platform Mac
Weight:  3.84 ounces
Color: mercy white and black editions
Number of programmable buttons: 9
Resolution accuracy: 99.4%
Hand orientation: Ambidextrous
Sensor: 5G OPTICAL
  • Compatible for both hands.
  • High resolution accuracy.
  • 5G enabled
  • Fastest sensor type
  •  Little buttons and rolling wheel  stiffness.
  • Modern software and devices required for its functioning.

8. Razer Viper Ultralight

Razor viper ultralight with a great DPI Sensor of 16000 allows high resolution. The high precision and uncompromising eSports gaming mouse of this kind is hardly ignorable by true and ambitious gamers. Its light weight and a customizable chroma RGB provides wide range of colors with almost 16.8 million color combinations.

The highly active and with advance programming options allows reconfiguration with high assessment due to presence of these buttons on both sides causing super functioning of the 8 buttons through Razer synapse 3. Wireless-like performance due to speed flex cables offers incomparable high accuracy.

The lightest mouse of its kind and is holding a drag free cord which ensures speedy wireless like performance of the mouse for gaming. Unlike other traditional mechanical mice, the RAZER VIPER ULTRALIGHT is possessed with all the required qualities on would ever need for perfect gaming.  its 16k DPI enabled.

Highlighted Points
Connection type: USB
Net weight: 0.22 pounds
Color: Classy Black
Hand orientation: Ambidextrous
Sensor (movement detection technology): optical
Number of programmable buttons: 8
Dimensions: 4.9*2.6*1.9
  • Lightest mouse of its kind.
  • Both sided buttons
  • Expensive.
  • Grip issues reported.