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In case if you accidentally broke or destroyed your mouse pad, the questions that pop in your mind will be CAN I MAKE MY OWN MOUSE PAD? IS THERE ANYTHING THAT CAN BE USED INSTEAD OF THE MOUSE PAD? WHAT KIND OF MATERIAL IS SUITABLE FOR MOUSE PADS? Surely, you will look for mouse pad alternatives.

This article will help you answer all the above questions and will help you with the issue as well.

Mouse Pad Alternatives – How To Make Own Mouse Pad?

Following are some ideas to make your own mouse pad.

1) Clipboard

Clipboard is a perfect replacement and it is the most popular thing which most people use as a mouse pad replacement.


2) Plastic File Cover

You can also use an A4 plastic file cover as a mouse pad. You can easily find it at any nearby bookshop at a cheap price.

3) Shoe Box:

Flat surfaces like a shoebox top cover could be your next mouse pad. Make sure the shoebox top part is even and has enough space for your mouse to move freely.

shoe box

3) Marble Tile Wrapped Around:

The flat even plain surface of a marble tile covered with any soft material like a leather sheet or paper or cloth can work instead of a mouse pad. Without wrapping, it will work equally well.

marble tile

4) Notebook Or Hard Thick Books:

Hard surfaces provide grip. Notebooks and hard heavy thick books are the hardcore that allows you to switch your mouse pad.


5) Wooden Piece:

Straight sharp wooden large pieces can be a good alternative to a mouse pad. Make sure the top of the wooden piece is flat and polished otherwise mouse will not work.


6) Hard Plastic Or Cutting Board:

Hard plastic or cutting board can help you out. You can easily find it in your kitchen, it could be anything like a tray, plate, or cutting board. Avoid picking uneven things.

cutting board

7) Your Own Computer table:

If your computer table has a flat surface and has enough space you can use it without a mouse pad.

computer table

Materials That Are Useable As An Alternative For A Mouse Pad:

Basically, there are two types of surfaces, the hard one and the soft one, depending totally on your choice of material both options can go well. There are many options to go for, some of the basic ones are below to help you out.

1) Silicon

Silicon material can be suitable for a mouse pad since its texture is consistent so it favors mouse working.

2) Rubber

Since most of the mousepads are made of rubber material so definitely it will work. Actually, it will fit best for the mouse pad alternative.

3) Fabric

Of course, fabric if folded properly and fits well below the mouse can be one of the best alternatives for the mouse pad. It should be tightly be fixed at the ends so that while the movement of the mouse, convergences, and coagulation.

4) Wood

Actually, wood can be the best fit for the mouse pad alternative. If a sharp flat wooden surface is available then no other options are required.

5) Iron

Iron or steel is the main component material for many of the mousepads. It can be a good company for your mouse.

6) Paper

Paper or newspaper or a magazine journal, all these fall in the same category and are said to provide good friction between the mouse and the mouse pad.

So, any flat surface that can provide an area or that can allow space for a mouse movement wrapped around by suitable friction promising material can be your mouse pad and that’s all friends.

Note: Although people deny the importance of a mouse pad and keep using a computer system without it undisputedly it allows better performance and moreover it guarantees the safety of your mouse, without a mouse pad mouse can be unresponsive very soon.