Play Google Chrome Dinosaur Game Online Free & Bug Free

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Here on our website, we are providing the google chrome dinosaur game online. This online version of the game is free to play in case if you can’t see the game on the page press the spacebar key the game will start instantly.

Many times when you have a poor internet connection or a disconnected Wi-Fi router, and you made a Google search earlier, or recently, you’ll find the dragon T. rex game waiting for you on the screen. It’s easy to play and a great time passing game when your server is down, and you need to wait for the connection restoration.  It’s generally in black and white theme and a small T. rex dragon is at a pause and waiting for your space bar hit to start.

Furthermore, it’s simply a connection down situation when you can encounter this game. Furthermore, it’s almost every time available for no internet connection or searches time out.

Where can I find a Dinosaur Game?

This Dinosaur Game game can be played both offline and online as well. This article will guide you to play this game both online and offline.  So, make sure to read the article until the end.

1) Offline playing:

Simply if your connection is down, or you are out of Wi-Fi signals then get to Google Chrome, and you can easily find Dino waiting for you and if not, then try searching any website or webpage. An error message above and a Dino waiting below will find you, and you can play as many times as you WISH.

2) Playing while online:

Since it’s an addictive game, so one may be willing to play it online as well. For that, we ( are providing an online version of Dinosaur Game. Just open our web page, start by hitting the space bar or up arrow key and keep hovering over the cactus.

Dinosaur Game Online

3) Bonus alternative to playing in an offline tab while being online:

Now you may encounter a situation where you can’t find the dragon game offline and don’t even want to deliberately turn your internet connection off to play the game but are still willing to play it. Here is an alternative way to find your favourite Dino game.

Hit the F12 key to get access to Chrome dev tools in another tab. Find the “network” tab in the top-right corner and then start looking for the online or offline tab in the dropdown list and select offline from the list you get.

Once you are done try searching any website or web page. You’ll get a no internet connection message along with the Dino standing on the ground. Hit the space bar or up arrow key, and we are done.

How to play?

The Online Dinosaur Game starts with a space bar hit or up arrow key. Use the up arrow and down arrow keys of your keyboard to jump and lower down your dragon, respectively. Jump when it’s a bush or hurdle, and lower down when it’s a bird or any flying object. The longer you press the up arrow key, the higher the Dino will jump. Moreover, the longer you play, the speed of your Dino or the speed of ground moving gradually increases.

Try to score maximum and try not to hit the obstacles. You can also compete with others. With each crash or hit-out, the score will restart from zero again. Hit the space bar or up arrow key again to restart the play.


How can I reach high scores?

Reaching high scores is totally a game of practice. Once you keep playing, you’ll understand the technique and make the highest score.

What is the highest score?

Reaching 99,999 is the highest score in the T. rex Dino game. After that, the scoreboard resets back to 0, and you can be called as KING or QUEEN of the Dino game.

How can I make my dinosaur run faster?

Keep playing the game, the longer you run the faster will the Dino run or the ground moves, apparently.