Fortnite Sensitivity Calculator, Converter OR Analyzer


One of the most crucial and significant choices that you make in a Fortnite is the type of sensitivity you go for. So are you looking for a way to get perfect sensitivity in a Fortnite? If yes, then let me begin by defining what Fortnite sensitivity calculator is, what importance it holds, and the way through which it can be calculated.

Professional Fortnite players use different calculators for the calculation of the sensitivity level in a game and the Fortnite Sensitivity calculator is one of them that is capable of providing high sensitivity levels in a game. The higher the sensitivity level, the lesser effort is to require to move the mouse cursor across the screen and the perfect sensitivity level can also make you a top player in the game.

Fortnite Sensitivity Convertor/ Calculator

The speed with which the mouse cursor moves across the screen in a game is known as sensitivity. When it comes to shooter games, most of the professional gamers consider sensitivity as one of the most important factors when it comes to making a shot. That’s why here you have the Fortnite Sensitivity Convertor or analyzer. You can convert sensitivity from Fortnite to many other games.

Average Fortnite eDPI Range

Mostly professional Fortnite players tend to stay in an average range that is neither too high nor too low. The reason behind this is they can play well within the 32-72 eDPI range. The eDPI calculator helps you to calculate the exact eDPI value.

Steps To Change Sensitivity in Fortnite

Here are a few steps that you need to follow if you want to change sensitivity in Fortnite.

  • First of all, go to the game menu, and there you will get an option to set your sensitivity.
  • There you will get two options i.e. X Sensitivity and Y Sensitivity through which you can set the speed of your camera.
  • You will see that the X Sensitivity can be used to set the speed of your camera when you are moving your mouse in the horizontal axis i.e. (left-right axis).
  • Whereas Y Sensitivity option can use to set the speed of your camera when you want to move your mouse in the vertical axis i.e. (up-down axis).
  • Most of the professional players set their X and Y sensitivity axis the same but if you want to use different X and Y axis values then you can make use of your X-axis value to find your Fortnite eDPI.

Make sure that being a player; you don’t make a mistake in the selection of the Sensitivity. If you do so then it will become a great hindrance in letting you attain the rank of a professional game player.

Another important aspect that needs to be considered is that being a pro-gamer; You should look for a mouse with a high sensor rather than going for a high DPI measurement; because DPI ends up giving true and accurate measurements.

There are few games in which accuracy matters a lot so in such cases, it’s better that you don’t play with above 1600 DPI level as that can result in creating issues like acceleration and angle-snapping.


What is Fortnite Sensitivity and why is it important?
So as we have come to know about sensitivity. So let’s move on to the Fortnite Sensitivity. One of the best sensitivity levels that can help in making top players; By allowing them to improve their shooting accuracy and also help them in building their ability to react to the other players in the game in a perfect manner.
How is the Fortnite Sensitivity calculates?
Fortnite Sensitivity calculates by using the Fortnite Sensitivity Calculator that is specifically made to serve this purpose. For that, we need to follow a formula through which you can calculate your Fortnite eDPI. Before we begin with calculating a game’s sensitivity, let’s have a look at eDPI in Fortnite.
What is eDPI in Fortnite?
eDPI stands for Effective Dots per Inch that is your accurate sensitivity. This eDPI is a value that is capable of combining your game sensitivity with your mouse dots per inch. This allows you to compare your sensitivity level setting to others. If your sensitivity number is higher then it means that your mouse sensitivity will be faster. Whereas, if the number is lower then you will end up having lower sensitivity in a game.