In 2021 How Much Does A Computer Cost (Desktop & Laptop)?

Almost each and every part of life is having some kind of computer installed.  Taking in view the above fact, its highly preferable to consider the cost or price of a computer system, since the fact that computer is an essential need now a days.

Since according to need the types and kinds of computer systems vary in size, shape, functionalities and storage, so as altering is the price or cost.

Brands-oriented and function-oriented based prices:

If you want to purchase a computer system, two kinds of filters are needed to get to your desire. One, the kind of computer i.e., a desktop, a laptop, an iPad, android or gamming laptop etc. depending on your need you can choose any one of them which actually is features based and function oriented.

Now the second is brand selection, generally higher the price higher the value of the product but not always, one can find a perfect desire fulfilling computer system at a reasonable price.

So, we conclude that two factors which affect the price of a computer system are brands which refers to different manufacturing companies and features.

In the market one can get a wide range of computer system. More the power and functions, higher the cost is actually a universal law. However, the average cost of computer system usually helps the buyers in making an economic decision.

Average value of each product is different with respect to brand and features but a range containing estimated value of both is very convenient for the purchaser.

We will have a glance at average cost range of major computer system devices on basis of types of system units.

Desktop Computer Cost

A desktop computer though is an old type of device now a days and many more cordless devices has taken its place but still in use in most of the offices and work areas setup and for gaming in many households .

So ,taking in view this fact, we may find it affordable and less costly as compared to others since its kind of old fashioned now.

The estimated range for desktop computers is approximately around $ 65- $700.

Since it’s a huge range, prices vary according to functionalities, types brand storage capacity depending on the buyer’s requirement. Some brand based   products of DELL , HP  and MAC   also  serve for the cause .  A new desktop computer for one or multiple employees are expected to cost within range of $400 – $3500  including high line hard disks  and large storage capacity .

Gamming Desktops Computer Cost

gaming computer

Usually cost more since many additional features are required for it. For instance, gamming mouse, speakers, joysticks, gamming keyboards and many more gaming specialized accessories like mouse pads, headsets etc.

Moreover, each of the accessories require specialized software to fit best in computer memory which require high storage space adding a feature requirement for gamming desktop computer.   A survey reveals that a range of $700- $1300 for a typical gaming computer.

A complete gamming desktop costs $1000 if all in all  features are considered  in average; for example, Hyper Cloud stinger headset average cost $59 and Razer mice cover high-range starting from $30 etc.  so, each accessory individually adds up to cost of a gamming computer desktop.

Laptops Cost

As discussed above, cordless devices like laptops have replaced the computer desktops. So undisputedly, laptops are in demand because unlike computer desktop you can take them anywhere with yourself and less complexity is encountered by the users.

Estimated range of for purchasers is $98 – $1400 now a days. Again, considering the variation parameters on the basis of brand, function, storage and connectivity.

The requirements of buyers will narrow the range depending on the need.

For example, laptops for gaming purpose will hardly cost above the range of $1000 –  $1400, similarly work purpose  specialized office computer laptops may cost up to $ 500- $700, depending on the characteristics of the laptop devices.

Brand distinctions are also found making the device the need of many like Hp, Dell, Lava, Apple and LG etc. and many more like these.


After a wide inspection of costs of computer desktops and laptops , we can move towards wireless devices like ipads, tablets, touchpads ,touchscreens ,notes and mobile phones. Ipads generally range from $ 130 – $250 and mainly used for emailing purposes at work places and youngsters use  it for gamming purpose as well . for example,   ipad pro  costs upto $200 .

Ipads are of superior quality as considered by the majority because it comes from highly appreciated APPLE company   and tablets that can be of any brand   will surely cost within range of $180- $ 300, again depending on characteristics ,features and types. Such as  APPLE IPAD PRO 11  (128gb) is available for $700 on Amazon.

Conclusively, the more the need and requirement by a purchaser, more need to be paid for. cost usually is the worth of the device features.  So, price cannot be estimated from long away, one need to take a look around find the best match of his / her requirement. However, average ranges can help a lot in making economical decisions for purchasing a good computer system unit.