How to Clean Different Type of Mouse Pads? – TecAgile

For sure, the products that we use daily require a cleanup or a wash over if not daily then twice a week definitely. A computer is something to be used daily so is your mouse pad. Mousepad is a highly useable product so it requires a cleanup every second day of use.

Here we will go through all the methods including DIYs and manual cleaning of your mouse pad.

Ways To Clean Mouse Pads of Different Types

Surely, there are a number of types of mouse pads used around the globe. there are many varying in type, material, and components. So, there need to be different methods to clean each type of mouse pad, different techniques are used. let’s take a look at all the possible methods that can be favorable for a cleanup.

1) Hard or Metal mouse Pads:

Some of the mousepads are made of hard materials like steel or iron. Following steps can guide you well.

 STEP 1:  Use a paper towel or a casual towel cloth to clean the mouse pad.

 STEP 2:  Use anti-viral and anti-bacterial wipes to clean the microorganisms from your mouse pad.

 STEP 3:  Make sure to make it dry completely before use.

Hard Metal mouse Pads

 2) Soft Cloth Mouse Pad:

It is an easy type of mouse pad when comes to cleaning.

Following steps can guide you very well.

 Step 1:  use moisten cloth or a dishcloth to rinse off the stains but first make sure of discoloration by making it wet from any corner and observe the watercolor.

 STEP 2:  if it doesn’t show the color fading signs then you can rinse it off with fresh water washed cloth.

 STEP 3:  Allow it to air dry.

soft cloth mouse pad

Manual Cleaning of Mouse Pad

Surely, one can think straight of washing it manually like ordinary cloth but it is generally not recommended. If you really want to wash it manually do follow precautionary measures and do as directed.

 STEP 1:  FIRSTLY, make sure that your mouse pad is washable by going through the customers’ guide or using google search for your mouse pad information.

 STEP 2:   SECONDLY, if it is washable then you can use warm water in a tub and dip your mouse pad for some minutes in it. This method generally goes well for the soft cloth stuffed mouse pads

 STEP 3:  THIRDLY, you can use light detergents to rub it gently but don’t rub it hard.

 STEP 4:  Let it air dry.

It is generally recommended not to wash or clean manually as it distorts the material and many complaints were received using this method.

Cleaning Products That Can Be Used To Clean Mouse Pads:

One question that is raised mostly is for the cleaning agents that can be used to clean the mousepads. It is okay to use BAKING SODA, SALT or LEMON and some mild detergents for the stains but keep the quantity very low so as to avoid discoloration.

Dos and DON’Ts for Cleaning Mouse Pads

SURELY, some rules need to be followed to avoid distorting your mousepad and cleaning it as well.

  • Don’t use HOT WATER.
  • AVOID the extreme PH detergents.
  • Do not use the washing machine for your mouse pad.
  • It’s good to use baking soda or dishwashing soap or a hand wash or a hand or bath soap as they are mild cleaners.
  • Make sure that the mouse pad is completely dry before re-plugging it with the computer system.

Why there is a need to clean your mouse pad?

Since most of us nowadays remain indoors and spend much time with the devices at our homes.  Stains, spits, and dust are observed at a higher rate. More eating and drinking around the computer system while working more the mouse and the keyboard gets greasy, stained and dusty.

The mouse may not work properly ad one may encounter system fails like mouse jittering or irresponsive mouse cursor. So, a dire need for cleanup is the need of the hour at that time. so, it is very important to know all the possible ways to clean our mouse pad.