Boost OR Increase FPS in Fortnite in 2022 Complete Guide

Frames per second (FPS) is one of the most wanted features nowadays, as it can actually make you a better player. But in Fortnite chapters ahead, many players are complaining about low fps or drops in fps that are actually annoying and disturbing.

This article can take you to a chamber of secrets that most of the top players today have been using to boost their FPS. Stay connected if you really want to get improvements in your FPS in games.

First, you need to set up some basic settings of FORTNITE, then we’ll move to advanced settings. No need to panic if you are not good at settings, this article guides you step by step and now personal skills are not necessary. Let’s get started.


Basic settings of FORTNITE

1) Basic video settings:

Initially, you need to adjust your Fortnite video settings accordingly as follows if you want to reach out for maximum FPS in your game.  Firstly, go for display settings in your Fortnite game settings. Make the following changes if they are not already.

2) Window mode; full screen:

Make sure that you set your windows’ mode settings to full screen. However, full-screen mode is mostly a choice by most gamers as it enhances sight and vision.

3) Resolution(16:9):

The very next thing Is to make sure the resolution of your video settings is 16:9 or 1920×1080. It’s not essential, but resolution less than this may make your video poor and alter your fps.

4) Frame rate limits (depending on your monitor):

This feature depends on your device. If you are using a 240 Hz monitor, set the fps to 240. If it’s above 60 or 340 or whatever, set it the same number.

Now let’s move to another setting that is graphics settings.

Graphics Settings

Graphics settings have less impact on your fps settings, so you can choose them as you wish. A little change won’t matter but make sure to keep everything, not in extreme. The graphics settings include the following features.

1) Brightness(100%):

It Is recommended to keep brightness on its full for a better view and more clear sight. Darker areas are more visible in high brightness.

2) User interface contrast:

It can be set to any level, as It doesn’t matter very much for the fps settings directly. You are welcome to pick it.

3) Colourblind (off):

It’s Important to keep colors in control, so making the colour-blind feature off seems better.

4) Color blind strength (0%):

This is another feature that you need to make sure is inactive. Set it to a minimum as well.

That’s all from this area.

Now the graphics settings need some further adjustments. The quality is a big matter of deal in graphics settings for fps.

NOTE: do not turn on auto graphics quality mode. Actually, it allows the computer system to make changes according to its own way.

 Graphics quality settings:

The following mentioned features will greatly impact your performance and your fps.

1) Auto-set quality (off):

As told earlier, do not set auto quality settings on as it sets the computer to select the best quality which negatively affects your performance.

2) Quality preset (custom):

Make sure to set the quality preset to the custom option from the list.

3) 3D Resolution (100%):

As the heading indicates, set tour 3D resolution to maximum for better view.

4) View distance (epic):

Select the view distance option to epic mode. Closer views can help in improving performance for slower devices.

5) Shadows and anti-aliasing (off):

Make sure to make both the shadows and the anti-aliasing option set off. As shadows have a major effect on darker areas, they highly affect view and anti-aliasing helps the 3D view of objects at the edges.

6) Textures (low):

Set the textures to the low option. Since the graphics are cartoon-style, so smoothness at the edges is a function of low textures set.

7) Effects (low):

Make sure the effects feature is set to low.  It actually keeps the additional unimportant graphics as pretty. Better make it low.

8) Post-processing (low):

You need to make this feature low as well. You will not see this feature when playing at 1080p resolution. But better to keep to it low as well.

Now, these were the optimal settings for the quality control of the graphics of the game.

Some gamers use the following advanced settings as well.

Advanced graphics settings:

These features need to be set as directed to ensure maximum fps resolution. Keep tracking us.

1) VSync (off)

It basically removes screen tearing by always keeping full-frame mode active. Turning it off will allow better input response.

2) Motion blur (off)

Although it has very less effect on fps, many people are sensitive to it. So keeping it off serves all very well

3) Show FPS (on)

It basically lets you estimate the fps showing ability. Do not turn it off.)

4) Direct X version(Direct X-11):

It’s a setting that has widely, and setting it to default at Direct X 11 enhances the visibility.  It also depends on your device, make sure to use the most updated version of your system and software.

5) Multithreaded rendering (Allow):

It actually splits the graphics into multiple threads. Not no need to go deeper, just set it on for a better view.

6) GPU Crash debugging (off):

Whenever you get a hit or a setback, it roots out the main reason for your crash and starts running tests around.  It generally is not liked by most of the gamers, so, turning it off saves all.

Make sure to make the above changes the same for maximum FPS resolution in your game.


If you have followed the above amendments, and then you’ll definitely have enhanced and improved FPS up to 150- 200%.  And now you can have more fun and exciting game time with a better view.