Boost OR Increase FPS in PUBG Mobile Complete Settings

In this era of generation, video games preferences depend on the frames per second (FPS) of the game. The gameplay performance is the measure of the average frames per second (FPS) of the game. Surely, your device decides what level of quality and features your game will possess, but some settings can help you enhance the FPS to reduce the lag inside your game.

The FPS are the most wanted feature that the true gamers want. When you are a PUBG player then fps is the thirst of every gamer as it contains the whole world. This article will give you the best settings options that can help you upgrade the fps more than ever before. Keep reading if you really are an obsessed PUBG player.

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Increase your FPS using 3rd party application:

If you play the game on 2G or 3G, you will be facing much lag in your FPS that can actually affect your spirit of playing. Just download the Wolf game booster Application. It not only will boast you fps and reduce the lags automatically but also enhance the graphic quality and lifts sound effects and picture resolution.

High graphic quality is due to the best ultra mode, and it not only smoothen the player moves but also takes the fps to the required height.

Some basic settings need to be done on your device first, then the advanced settings after downloading the app. Graphics settings also play a big part in it.

Following major changes, you need to make, to use the app completely.

Basic display settings:

In the first place, you need to adjust your video game PUBG settings as follows if you want to get maximum FPS in it. Initially, go for display settings in the PUBG game. Make the following changes if they are not already.

  • Resolution(800×600):

Make sure the resolution of your video settings is 800×600.

  • Graphics (smooth):

Up next, choose the graphics mode as smooth from the given dropdown list.

  • Style(soft):

The graphic style is another display option, making that a soft picture.

  • Frame rates limit(40):

This feature depends on the device you use. Make sure that it’s not less than 40.

Graphics Settings

Other settings that are graphics settings, includes the following features for making ultra changes.

  • Shadows(off or low):

Shadows actually reduce the visibility, making them low, so you can have a more clear view.

  • Sound quality (low):

Choosing it low makes it easier for you to adjust the sound effects by yourself, and the machine doesn’t use its intelligence in it.

  • Auto-aliasing (disabled):

As the name indicates, make it off or disabled.

  • Brightness(100%):

Better the phone or device brightness, more clear will be backgrounds and pictures.

  • Autographic adjustments (disabled):

The auto-adjust feature allows computer devices to make changes on their own. Disabling them will make your wish for high fps easy to achieve.

Further Graphic Adjustments

Now the graphics settings may need further adjustments.

NOTE: do not turn on auto graphics quality mode.  As it allows the computer to control all the features and make changes of its own.

  • Auto-set quality (off):

This feature is just like auto graphic adjustments and only done if the device settings have this as an option as well, so better turn it off for best settings.

  • 3D Resolution (100%):

Your resolution should be maximum, as it increases visibility.  Set the 3D resolution to max.

  • Textures (low):

Edges of the pictures and sharpness of the images are due to glamorous filters which affect quality, it’s important to make them low.

These changes will make your fps much more active. And rest depends on your device.


There are many widely used applications used as fps boasters. It not only will increase the fps rate but also improve graphics. Moreover, this kind of change ignites the spirit of the gamers and make your games more fun and exciting.