Light vs Heavy Mouse Comparison In Different Aspects

Mouse weight totally depends on the user’s convenience that whether he or she is comfortable with a heavy one or a lighter mouse. Light and heavy mouse hold a good position in their type. Both light and heavy mouse have their pros and cons that we’ll try to understand through this article.

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Light vs Heavy Mouse

Basically, its not the weight only that decides whether to choose a lighter one or a heavier one a number of other factors effect the working of your mouse which includes sensitivity, mousepad friction, accuracy, fatigue, durability and precise aiming and many more factors related to these.

Let’s go through all of these and compare the both types to get to the better one.

Accuracy and preciseness:

A heavy mouse is the one with weight added in it. It is generally preferred as it is more precise and accurate in pointing, aiming and selecting as its weight helps to aim perfectly on target. In comparison to it a lighter mouse can miss your aim as less control the user has on mouse and more chances of missing the aim so this factor gives the point to heavier one.


To fully enjoy the working efficiency or tendency of a lighter mouse the mouse is set to high sensitivity which compliments the lighter mouse activity as it can be moved and swiped easily across the screen.

Whereas a heavier one can not be moved around the screen that easily as its weight hinders smooth movement. It is complimented by low sensitivity settings.

In short, high DPI SETTINGS for a heavier mouse are recommended and vice versa.

Mousepad selection:

A heavier mouse will require a smooth mouse pad as it offers less friction and allows easy movement of your heavier mouse.

In contrast to it, for lighter mouse users prefer a harder and more unsmooth mouse pad because its movement is many times out of control for the new users particularly friction with mousepad helps to work efficiently.


Off Couse if you are new to a heavier mouse your hand muscles will find it harder to go well with your mouse if used for a longer time.

One may encounter fatigue and muscle pulling unlike the lighter one which makes it easier to use for longer time.


After going through all the above factors, one may conclude that its not about the weight but about the users’ desire and comfortability. Prefer the one you are used to which and because its worth it.