Mouse Won’t scroll? Complete Explanation and FIXING GUIDE

Sometimes while working or using the computer system you may encounter a problem related to the unresponsiveness of your mouse. it’s common and natural that the mouse may stop working, moving and scrolling before getting frustrated and throwing away your mouse there are some troubleshooting and cautionary measures that can help you with this issue. Let’s take a look at the causes and the possible reasons for the dysfunctional mice.

Mouse Won’t scroll

Causes of Unreactive Mouse

1) Dust and dirt:

Sometimes dust dirt sand or any kind of impurities around your mouse can make your mouse dysfunctional. The working may be affected because the mouse or the mousepad have not been cleaned or dusted cleared. Make sure to clean it, if not every day then at least twice a week.

2) Low battery of wireless mouse:

If your mouse is of cordless type then it may be a battery timeout that is making your mouse disobey you. Maybe your mouse needs some rest and recharge. Make sure to check that factor as well.

3) Other technical issues:

The above-mentioned causes don’t go work, then there can be some other issues that might be hindering your mouse functionality. Like some fault in the OS, you are using, the mouse may be incompatible with your system or damaged insulations that can affect signals etc.

Make The Mouse Responsive:

There can be a number of ways to solve the unreactivity of your mouse following are some of the common DIYs and some more issues resolving methods that may help you.

1)  Reconnect the mouse:

The mouse may have loose fittings or unfixed connections. The insulation may be worn out or the USB ports are not plugged in well. The best way is to first check the fittings and USB connections and reconnect all the plugins once again as it restarts the mouse drivers and also try the different USB ports as well. Moreover, if it’s a cordless mouse do check the settings once and reconnect it again.

2) Battery replacement:

Much of the time it’s the battery that runs out and makes things unworkable. Make sure you have a healthy battery for your mouse both for wireless and wired. Using rechargeable batteries can be a solution because it doesn’t require waiting until it’s charged you can just change your battery and get back to work.

3) Touchpad check:

Maybe something is there on your touchpad like water dust etc. that can make interruption in mouse pointer working. Or maybe the settings within your computer system have changed somehow. Do check them once again. sometimes the minor settings change affects the working.

4) Mouse wheel settings:

Mouse wheel settings are also very important as they alter the working immensely. if you are using mac or window 10 they offer working configuration settings and for other windows check the mouse settings as well that commonly solves the issues. Check the scrolling directions as well as sometimes restricted movements are a hindrance in the working space.

5) Update mouse drivers:

Mostly, the mouse needs an update in 4-5 months. The drivers need constant checks. Make sure lol check that factor as well. Access the device managers in your setting and see if you find an exclamation mark that’s a sign that the problem lies there. The best way to update your drivers is to get links from the manufacture website to ensure proper and virus free updated versions.

6) Fixing your corrupt system files other than a mouse:

The mouse working is affected by many factors other than its own settings. Maybe some other unsolved issues like software updates or pending files that may be corrupt or some cleanups are not done that can affect the mouse working .make sure to make the computer free of pending updates and also a clean up is done to remove useless data.

Something unimportant and cache data is a hindrance in working or storage is overloaded. Try restoring your files and if it’s a mac they offer full reinstallation mac OS and the system is cleared
and reboot automatically.

To check the mouse responsiveness our mouse testing tool will help.


The system may have multiple issues due to which the mouse wheel or the entire mouse stops working. The above mentioned are some of the common solutions and mostly these work well. If you can get it right then you can call someone but these solutions generally work well.