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If you are a gamer or use a computer frequently you may definitely have come across the terms mouse CPI and DPI. Nowadays this concept has taken much significance and less information is found regarding it. This article provides you with all the information one needs to have if one is willing to buy a new mouse particularly.

What is CPI?

Cpi is abbreviated for “counts per inches” or sometimes for “characters per inches” when in terms of gaming sense purely. It is mainly used to determine the efficiency of your mouse.

Whereas mouse sensitivity is an aspect of the cpi button and itself is something related to mouse settings it can not replace the meanings and functions that cpi covers.

CPI actually indicates the distance, the mouse covers on your computer screen when you move your mouse per inch(2.5cm) on the mousepad or the table. For instance, if we say that mouse moved 10 inches that will actually mean 10 pixels of movement. So, the higher the value of the cpi parameter more sensitive your mouse is generally.

gaming mouse with cpi button

Need of a Mouse CPI Button

Since the cpi button is used to make mouse sensitivity readjustment according to the need, which can be done through the control panel.

But while gaming immediate access to sensitivity makes it convenient to the user through the cpi button. There are also mouse with more than one cpi button that can control advanced settings.

A quick change can be made and clever moves can be experienced through it. For example, while aiming and shooting sensitivity need to be sharp.

Need of High CPI

The cpi parameters enhance the sensitivity of your mouse. High cpi provides an ease to the daily users to skillfully perform their everyday job. Higher cpi settings will make the cursor act faster on your command which satisfies the user. (In case if you want to check your mouse movement speed, we are providing a tool for it.)

Normal or ordinary users feel the sensitivity as a ratio of the width of the computer desktop screen to the distance covered by the cursor.

Higher cpi is mostly complemented with a high-resolution screen as both are used in modern computers and makes perfect working.

For instance, for the higher resolution of a screen more than 1500 pixels low cpi will make it uneasy for the user to get access around the full screen and the user may feel uncomfortable.

How Much CPI is Needed for Gaming?

Frankly, there is no specific value for it generally and totally depends on the user and the type of game. Many users or gamers are used to low cpi settings and many feel at ease with high cpi. It is recommended to use what makes you comfortable rather than following the trend and makes it challenging for yourself.

But low cpi settings favor the high aiming and accurate shooting, this may help as a tip.

Of course, high cpi like parameters correspond to strong device sensors and much more effective and efficient performance of modern mice.


Conclusively, the mouse cpi button can be used to make immediate adjustments in mouse sensitivity. While gaming and modern mouse settings even offer a number of cpi buttons with advanced options.