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You started working on your computer system and suddenly, while navigating, your mouse pointer made an undirected and unpredictable movement that’s mouse jittering or mouse stutter (also called moue lagging). It’s a flaw or defect that usually irritates the users a lot.

Why mouse jittering is a flaw?

Mouse stutter is an unwanted movement of the cursor it not only disturbs the users but, also sometimes, is responsible for unnecessary changes in the users’ work which can create miss happenings.

It’s an abnormal behavior of the mouse pointer and a number of reasons can be responsible for it.

Reasons for mouse jittering or mouse lagging:

One may encounter a number of reasons for the mouse pointer’s prolonged action or the stuck of a mouse pointer. let’s take a look at the possible problems.

1) Dusty or uncleaned mouse:

It is the most common reason.  when the mouse has not been cleaned or cleared for some days then it can show some jumping and erratic motions. Better use an air blower to move away from the dust.

2) Blocked mouse ball or optical eye:

There are two types of mice generally found.

The mechanical mouse has a ball below it, which when freely moves allows free mouse cursor movement. A layer of dust or something stuck in it can cause mouse jittering.

The optical mouse has an optical eye that is wireless and signal detection is involved in it. something hindering the optical eye can also be a reason for the poor functioning of mice.

3) Bad mouse pad surface:

Sometimes the surface on which the mouse pointer mover is not favoring. A paper or mouse pad is generally used. Moreover, make sure the surface is not too smooth or glossy it interrupts the mouse movement.

4) Unsupportive wire connections:

If the mouse is not working well, maybe the wires are not plugged in properly or the connecting wires are unsupportive. Make sure to reconnect its lead and is working.

5) Bad wireless connections:

Sometimes wires are not the cause but the poor wireless connection is responsible. In that case, the power button needs to be pressed or restart the computer system if the frequency of jittering increases.

6) Failing batteries:

Many times, the battery is out of time or the power cells require a replacement.

Better check this cause as well.

7) Wireless signal interference:

Another factor responsible can be frequency interference. Electrical interference is possible as wireless signals involve the phenomena of RFI (RADIO FREQUENCY INTERFERENCE). wireless routers, headsets, and wireless devices like phones transmit and receive signals that can create interference resulting in mouse jittering.

 How to control the mouse jittering problem?

Since multiple factors can be responsible for the mouse jittering effect so a number of solutions can be used to root this problem out. Let us have a look at the solutions.

1) Dust proofing:

Make sure the system is cleaned and cleared with dust frequently. Using an air blower can be a good way to avoid dust and particles of the air.

2) Install or update software drivers:

Sometimes the device needs an update. Updating the system kind of refreshes the system that is favorable for almost all kinds of input devices issues including the mouse lagging.

3) Perform a reboot:

A quick restart or a reboot is always a solution to the technological device problem. Make sure to give this solution a must try to control mouse issues.

4) Check the mouse settings on your device:

Check your mouse acceleration and turn it on at least twice and check the cursor settings options as well.

5) Perform an Online mouse speed test:

It’s better to check your cursors’ speed once so that all solutions that you can get through are marked as done.

6) Replace mouse device:

The last option can be replaced if none of the solutions works and the problem increases to an extent that the mouse does not follow your commands.


Now after going through all the causes and effects and understanding the mouse issue of jittering now you are able to deal with such issues. Now you can enjoy your work without any interruption by the mouse cursor as we hope that your problem is solved and you can easily get back to work now.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that can help you if you still have any problems. It’s an attempt to make you feel satisfied and help our delighted readers.

What should I do first if I encounter mouse jittering?

The very first thing should be dust elimination from the mouse, leads, wires, and the whole system because many times the dust is hindering the movement and no great cause is responsible.