Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps [Explanation and Solution to Solve Issue]

Scroll wheel jumps can be, due to many reasons like defective drivers, misplaced mouse settings, unfit wires on USB ports or mouse battery runs out in case of wireless mouse. Let us discuss all these in light of facts.

Causes of Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps:

As discussed above, there can be many reasons that may lead to this mouse dysfunctionality. Following can be causes of this issue:

1) Defective drivers:

Your device drivers maybe outdated, not working or maybe missing. This case usually requires rebooting or re-installments that will be discussed in next section while dealing with the solutions.

2) Displaced mouse settings:

Second reason can be that of your mouse settings that changed accidently or unconsciously by you.

3) Unfit USB PORTS fittings:

Maybe your wires are not tightly plugged in or are loose at some points of contact. Many times, the wires insulated parts are worn out due to current or constant friction with the table corners in case of wires its better take a look at wire too.

Dust or particles can also block scroll wheel free functioning.

4) Battery run out of wireless mouse:

In case of wireless mouse, the battery may runout and user does not even realize. This factor can also cause mouse wheel jumping as it’s a mouse malfunction so this also need to be checked.

Methods to Fix Mouse Wheel Jumping:

Now after looking around for almost all the possible causes of mouse wheel jumping let’s take a look towards the solutions for this issue.

1)  Clean Your Mouse:

Some of the times dust is hindering the actions of the mouse. cleaning the mouse using a cloth or an air blower can make it work.

2)  USB portals or wire plug check:

Maybe the wires are not plugged in tightly or loose switch holders is distorting the connection better take a look at it or the wire insulation may runout check that as well.

3) Reinstall device drivers or software drivers:

the drivers you have may be outdated or need a revisit. The drivers are mostly causing this issue and many times a reboot setting is enough to make things work.

4) Mouse settings reset:

if the above given solutions don’t work mouse scroll wheel settings may need a check. Set it to default or change the numbers a little like pointer speed etc. if its already set to default.

5) Disabling the touchpads:

Using laptops if this issue arises then you need to get access to the touchpad settings. Off course if multiple navigation devices are attached then some kind of interference or distortion is possible.

Many users have set their touchpads to high sensitivity of scrolling and many advanced pointing options are turned on which can affect the efficiency of the machine. Turn the touchpads off for some time.

6) OS update:

Windows or macOS whatever you use, may need an update reboot after a while. Reinstalling is not recommended as it may bring many bugs and viruses along with it so updating is a better option.

Operating system can also be the reason of scroll wheel jumping. it’s a different way that may help you with the issue.

If none of the above solution helps then replacing your mouse is the last option left. Market offers wide variety of both wired and wireless mice that will definitely help you get rid of this issue.


So after knowing all the possible factors and causes of mouse wheel scrolling up and down we hope that you may find solution for your self and after going through all the above mentioned causes and solution one may definitely find a perfect solution.