What is Mouse smoothing – Is It good or Bad? – TecAgile

mouse smoothingMouse smoothing refers to the artificial intelligence of the device; by which a mouse predicts the upcoming move of the user and targets the next area of action itself. The hardware is designed algorithmically in such a way to estimate the next target point itself and making the path in between smooth.

In short, the interference in the position of the mouse and prediction of next move itself is known as mouse smoothing. It makes the user feel lighter and facilitative when it comes to working mode.

Is smoothing of mouse good or bad?

It depends on the case and purpose of use of computer. Mainly, two majorly causes of using computer can be working or gaming. Work mode is many times in accordance to the moves so smoothing is highly preferable for working purpose. It is generally recommended for work that does not require high point accuracy and smooth action is well and good of it but gaming is a user decisive purpose work and free will is involved in it  so it is generally not favorable for gaming purpose.

Is it good for gaming?

It generally doesn’t go well for gamming purpose. Because in competitive games which consists of unpredictable moves. The mouse need to be responsive and such games require instant action on the directions and leaves no space for self-action on the basis of predictions. So, we come to the point that for single player games it may favor the gamer and clicker games as well. Typing games also seem to go well with the smoothing of mouse.

Should we use smoothing?

Variation in choice is observed in this case. For instance, office work does not require precisely aimed mouse moves only floating and free movement of cursor is needed; so can be good in terms of work mode. Mostly smoothing is for old mouse because this phenomenon was created for earlier mice with weak trackballs and small dpi valued features of mice. Ancient technology required some optimizations in order to stand well with new technology and inventions.

How to check if I have mouse smoothing?

New mice now a days comes without smoothing. Simply check your mouse’s name and description on the customer guide book or check online the product manufacturing description. If it still doesn’t work, open PAINT WINDOW on your computer and draw a curve if it is smooth, then it’s smoothing. If not, you’ll get an irregular curve then for sure there is no smoothing. That’s all for our delighted customers for the smoothing of mouse.