Overwatch Sensitivity Calculator, Analyzer | Converter


Do you know that there is an Overwatch sensitivity calculator that is capable of converting sensitivity to other different games? This sensitivity calculator helps you find ways to gain an advantage over the other players in a game. This is only possible if you learn to change your mouse and controller sensitivity in Overwatch.

Before we begin with the importance of Overwatch Sensitivity and the calculator that uses to calculate it, let’s have a look at what Overwatch sensitivity is. Being a vivacious team-based shooter, Overwatch comes with multi-player functioning in a game. This Overwatch sens converter specifically develops for first-person shooter games. It allows more than one player in a game.

Overwatch Sensitivity Converter/ Calculator

Overwatch Sens converter or analyzer is capable of computing the optimum sensitivity that uses in Overwatch. There you will get three options i.e. in-game sensitivity, Mouse DPI, or sensitivity in cm/360. It is necessary that you enter any two of the three options that are provided to you. In this way, you can get the output in the form of the third option.

Sensitivity in Overwatch

Setting an exact sensitivity in Overwatch is of great significance.  It can help improve the firing precision of the players in a game. It also holds great importance because players can quickly react to their opponents in the game.  You have to make sure that you don’t make an error in setting your game sensitivity. If you do so, it can be a great hindrance in letting you become a professional player.

Now the question arises that how are you going to check the sensitivity level in your game? This is very important if you neither want the highest sensitivity nor the lowest one.

Change sensitivity in Overwatch

Now let’s have a look at the procedure through which we can change or increase sensitivity in Overwatch.

  • First of all, go to the game menu and open settings.
  • In the settings, you will see two options i.e. X Sensitivity and Y Sensitivity.
  • X Sensitivity is going to set the speed of your camera when you are moving your mouse in the horizontal axis i.e. left and right axis.
  • On the other hand, Y Sensitivity is going to set the speed of your camera when you are moving your mouse in the vertical axis i.e. up and down axis.
Most of the professional players opt for the same X and Y-axis. It is recommended that you should also go for it to attain the best Overwatch sensitivity Calculations. If you go for perfect Overwatch Sensitivity Calculations then it will help you reach the level of a professional player in a game.


How to know your Overwatch Sensitivity?
You may get to find your Overwatch Sensitivity where your brain feels instantly at home. This happens when you succeed in correlating your onscreen movement and your hand movement. But if you want to measure the actual Overwatch Sensitivity then you can use the PSA method i.e. perfect Sensitivity Approximation method.
What Sensitivity is best for Overwatch?
By best sensitivity, we mean the average sensitivity that is perfect for professional gamers in Overwatch. So, we see that in a game, the average sensitivity can be between 4-6 i.e. around 800 DPI.

Getting a gaming mouse will be a more precise idea. You can also improve your performance with the help of this customizable mouse. Whereas, if we talk about the best and highest sensitivity level then 1800 DPI will be perfect for any FPS Overwatch game.