Pokemon Go PvP IV Calculator for Ranks & Stats

Inside the game, Pokémon Go, these Pokémon are caught and evolve digitally. Their evolution takes the trainer to spend in-game currency, which is expensive to accumulate. This is where Pokemon Go PvP IV Calculator, which we are providing, is handy and helps the player to evaluate the perfect Pokémon to evolve.

Pokemon Go PvP IV Calculator

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This particular stat evaluating tool is extremely simple to work with as well as gives quick results. The tool is easily accessible and compatible with any device.

There are different options that you would need to fill before getting your results. These options are:

  • The name of the Pokémon
  • IV minimum
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Hitpoints
  • Level
  • League type
These categories, when putting in, the calculator estimates the chances of a certain Pokémon of making it big in that particular league. This chance is denoted by ranking at which your Pokémon stands in a certain league, from 1st rank at a 100% result to down below in hundreds.

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The results also give the level of your Pokémon and its IVs like attack, defense, and CP.

It is advisable to go for the Pokémon, which have their percentages of maximum stats at 90% or higher. Below that, it is risqué to opt for that Pokémon and can even result in the waste of your precious stardust.


There is another point to note, though; having a higher attack stat does not necessarily guarantee a sure win after recharge if the Pokémon has lower IV. This scenario plays out when you have two different Pokémon to evolve at the same time.

In this case, know that the Pokémon with higher IV will defeat the one with the lower IV irrespective of their attack stats. The Pokémon with higher IV can beat the one with higher attack stat even if its attack stat is at 0.

The design of this poke iv calc is very simple and easy to use. With a plain white background and regular slots to insert the values of your Pokémon, the tool helps you in focusing on the numbers only.

Pokémon Reality

 The game Pokémon Go was launched in 2016 as one of the most popular augmented reality video games.  It lets the players act virtually like true trainers as they collect Pokémon in real life travels, like going to school or the neighborhood playground.

The Pokémon collected in this way are then nurtured within the game itself and evolve into their more beastly selves. The purpose of this evolution is to help the trainer make the best of his or her collection while fighting other trainers.

The evolutions are not without a price. There is the in-game currency in the form of candies and stardust that needs to be spent if a trainer wants to evolve a particular Pokémon.

Various software and strategies are available to increase the chances of leveling up in the game through these battles. One of those tactics is to properly evaluate which Pokémon from the strata of similar ones would be the trainer’s best bet in a battle when evolved.

The need to know which Pokémon to evolve:

The majority of us grew up watching Pokémon the anime. The popularity of the show led the various businesses to invest in video games featuring the adorably quirky creatures called Pokémon. They have individual personalities as well as special abilities.

The anime features a Pokémon trainer who collects Pokémon as he travels through various lands. These collected Pokémon help him later in his battles with other Pokémon trainers and in catching a new one.

Once you progress in the game and start collecting Pokémon, you find yourself collecting more than one of similar specie and type. The game decides which Pokémon to provide you and where when you search for them.

This means that you will end up with more than one Pokémon of the same kind, like 2 or 3 Machamp at once. Like mentioned before, evolving a Pokémon requires game currency, so the decision to evolve a certain Pokémon at the given time should be made carefully.

For this reason, every Pokémon’s stats or “IV” is evaluated. An IV is the detailed analysis of the state in which the Pokémon is in. These stats determine by CMP (charge move priority). This means that if two Pokémon of the same kind get the attack moves at the same time, these stats decide which one should get the priority to go first.

The one with the higher attack stats (the other stats being defense and hit points) will get the priority to evolve first.  If the Pokémon with the lower attack moves gets to evolve first, it will cost you in the battles ahead.

Frequently asked questions:

With this tool, there are some common queries that come on a regular basis. The following are answers to a few of those questions:

Why use a tool at all?
If you are a serious gamer, you would value your hard-earned game currency and would need to spend it intelligently. This tool and the likes of this tool help in making sure that you are not wasting your money on fruitless evolutions.
What is the Pokemon Go PvP IV Calculator?
It is a stat calculating digital tool for the game Pokémon Go. This is a simple tool that helps the trainer/ player to determine in evaluating the pros and cons of evolving a Pokémon. It has various categories for the trainer to insert before calculating the chances of evolving certain Pokémon.
What percentage is acceptable for evolution?
In this tool and other such tools, give you a percentage of maximum stats. This helps in determining the chances of your Pokémon in succeeding in a certain league. It is recommended not to opt for the Pokémon showing below 90% of the maximum stats.
Is attack stat superior to all the other features?
According to the recent guidelines, the priority should be given to the Pokémon with higher CMP. So in a way, attack stat is prioritized over others like defense and hit points as well as CP when evolving a Pokémon. However, higher IVs always is preferable more than the attack stat if you have to choose between two different Pokémon.