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Like many things, it is our personal choice to whether use a wired or wireless mouse. A very long-running wired vs wireless mouse debate has always been a hot topic until now.  Although both hold a significant place in their respective types but choosing one is a hard decision to make. Let’s have a look at the features of both and then decide.

As the name indicates the type of mouse free of cords and wires is the modern type of mouse that is generally compatible with all the modern technology computer systems whereas the wired mouse is the old classical type with physical attachment with a computer system.

Wired VS Wireless Mouse comparison

Wired VS Wireless Mouse Comparison

A Wireless Mouse is a little expensive and needs batteries whereas a wired mouse is a little more affordable and doesn’t require any chargeable batteries. A wireless mouse can be used with other devices such as tablets and the new modern technology is more compatible with wireless mouse offering much more options of operations. Wired one need to have more software instalments for modern computer systems.

In a wireless mouse, the battery is too heavy that it looks like a block and sometimes doesn’t respond. The batteries are also very weak and the mouse has to be charged every day. The price is comparatively high while technology is developed. The runtime and weight as weaknesses have been eliminated but there is a rumour that latency (take time to respond) still exists.

The most highlighted difference that exists between the both is that the wireless mouse is free of wire tangling mess around the other wires whereas the wired one cab be a great frustration and disturbance for the user.

Why should I choose a wireless mouse?

Firstly, this mouse is ideal for those users who use a large screen to give presentations. You can sit anywhere in the room and use the mouse and if it is a wireless keyboard, you can also do computing.

Secondly, a wireless mouse is very much easier to take with you and is ideal for travelling because using a wireless mouse allows you to work where you are comfortable you do not have to sit next to a computer to use a mouse. There is no getting cable tangled behind the desk which is a plus point.

Thirdly, it is also a saying that wireless mouse is a future model. Using a wireless mouse means there is no cord, no muss. The cord is the biggest complaint by users, it takes so much space on the desk, and it gets in the way of mouse movement.

Lastly, a wireless mouse can be used with other devices such as tablets. It can be unplugged and moved between the computers. Wireless mouse is becoming more popular in gaming not only in casual gamers but also in professional gamers.

Why a wired mouse?

The wired mouse is faster and responds rapidly. It is a practical and wired mouse that has access to the latest advancement. A wired mouse is simpler and easier to use because of its plug-in nature.

Just plug into the computer and the mouse starts to work. There is no worrying about batteries or losing of wireless detector makes it the best choice for those users to wants to play a game without any hassle or disturbance.

Which type of mouse is better for gaming purposes?

As a gamer, a wired mouse is a better option. They are cheaper, used by plugging into a computer, for this reason, it is more stable, quickly give a response, and have minimal input lag for optimum gaming performance. Most of the gamers prefer the wired one because it’s not sensitive to movement and less disconnection is experienced. So basically depends on the user’s will.

Which to Choose?

Considering all the factors mentioned above, it is always better to make decisions according to your need. In the end, one is better than the other according to requirement. Some gamers use a wired mouse while other uses a wireless mouse and both users think that their mouse is the best option because it satisfies their requirements.

If you want a mouse for travelling for work purposes then wireless is the best option. If you want an inexpensive, fast and reliable mouse so the wired mouse is the best option.

Choosing a mouse whether wired or wireless is the first step. There are many subsets of the mouse such as optical or laser mouse, gaming mouse, and travelling mouse. Prioritizing the need will make it easier to choose as both can be a good choice.

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